A dynamic and challenging environment – what it’s like starting a career in MedComms

I had no clear career path in mind after graduating with an MSci in Geological Sciences, beyond building around the concept of the importance of communication in science… I was approached by a recruiter, who offered me an administrative role at Lucid. Despite not being an auspicious start, happening quite by chance and not obviously capitalising on my degree, I was particularly drawn to accept the position because of Lucid’s behaviour change and Advance Outcomes programmes.

My Lucid Life began with my role as the Customer Experience Manager, looking after the smooth running of the office. Four months later, I was fortunate to be selected for the exciting pilot graduate training programme, the Lucid Futures Academy. This provided fantastic training and hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry, communications, medical writing and account handling, and was delivered by some of the leading lights in the business.

This broad exposure early in my career allowed me to find my strengths, which converge on account management. As an Account Executive at Lucid, my role could be summarised in one word: organisation!

Day to day, my role is incredibly diverse. It spans from events planning and tactical delivery -, including budgeting, stakeholder liaison, design and material development and progress monitoring – to brand and strategic planning.

I have been involved in multiple projects this year, including filming a strategic leadership video at one of the largest congresses in Europe, planning and onsite delivery of three international standalone meetings, feedback and metrics collation, and next year’s strategic planning.

Integrated within all of the above is, of course, the ability to solve problems, communicate effectively and be a great team member. The need to be nimble and have a back-up plan to solve every eventuality certainly keeps me on my toes! Collaboration within our team – listening to ideas and experience, learning from different perspectives, and understanding everyone’s personality and aptitudes – is key to our success, and is my favourite part of this job.

This teamwork and partnership extend to our clients. Our close work with clients on project delivery has given me insight into their needs, motivations and drivers, allowing us to add value in our creative ideas and proposals for improvements, all of which drive our client relationships and business development.

It is a dynamic environment with frequent opportunities to take on new challenges, and I never stop learning. Did I know that I would end up here? Almost certainly not… If I had one piece of advice for myself three years ago, it would be to think more about the skills that you enjoy using and how you like to work, rather than focussing on the job title. Play to your strengths and find a role that fits you, in a company that values learning and flexing roles so that people are able to flourish, doing great work that they love.

This article was written for and published in the MedCommsNetworking.com Account Management career guide, available here.

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