A Lucid Thirsty Thursday D&I Special

Last week’s ‘Thirsty Thursday’ session was organised by the Lucid Group D&I Committee, whose goal is to foster a culture where diversity and inclusivity are embedded and practised within all areas of the Group. A key part of this is identifying opportunities for diversity training, education and development. For this session, comedian Che Burnley was invited to Middlesex House in London, and he delighted us with the most thought-provoking and insightful session to date.

Having taken a solo show up to the Edinburgh Fringe, Che decided to create a mixed bill called, The Alternative Black Comedy Showcase; a subversion of the 70s cabaret-style shows featuring new and established Black comedians. As well as being a comedian, Che has worked as a DJ, quiz host, journalist, mental health volunteer, bartender, doorman and entertainment manager – which some may think is a waste of his Sports Science degree!

In a month focused on raising awareness of Black history and prostate cancer, Che’s life experiences are pertinent and valuable. His shows have given him a platform to inform on race, mental health, inclusion and privilege amongst many other things, and he was willing to talk about these and much, much more.

Che educated, enlightened and entertained us with storytelling about the shows he’s done, the people he’s met and worked with, and some of the things he’s found out about himself and others along the way. These include growing up as the only Black kid in his school, socialising with groups with opposing views to his own, trying to navigate parenthood while dealing with cancer and the mental challenges that arise from his fields of work.

Lucid Group’s Thirsty Thursday sessions continue to reflect the pioneering and human-centric spirit of the organisation. By constantly up-skilling and educating, we can foster innovation, a culture to be proud of, and create the magic needed to improve outcomes and transform lives.

Che recognised and applauded the diverse nature at Lucid, commenting on how well we are doing and for opening the floor to talk about the themes of his show: diversity, racism, his dad’s foot! “It’s great to have conversations, this was one of the most diverse teams that I’ve ever met in any kind of business and we had a chat after; quite a few people who wanted to talk to me afterwards and expand on stuff […] it was a lot of fun and looks like you’re doing a great job there!”

At Lucid, the magic we create relies on harnessing the unique, diverse and individual talents of those we work with. To do this, we must empower each person to bring their whole self to work so we can be fully inclusive and collaborate with a full heart – fulfilling the potential of everything we do and everyone we work with. Equally.

Watch out for our next Thirsty Thursday exposè coming your way. 

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