A magic milestone: Katherine’s 10-year workiversary

Katherine Duxbury recently celebrated the momentous and magical milestone of 10 years with Lucid Group – congratulations! Surprise virtual celebrations have been had and, while they were no replacement for an in-person celebration, they were a great opportunity to reminisce about special times with colleagues and friends.

From interviewing many of the writers in our teams to running induction sessions across the Group, Katherine is often one of the first people a new Lucidian meets and she makes an impression from the first moment. Those lucky enough to have worked closely with Katherine and seen her partnering with clients will understand why we all love her so much. No matter who you are, what the situation is, Katherine is curious, calm, confident and supportive – as was echoed through comments such as “if you have Kat by your side, you know you’ll be ok” and “I always think, what would Kat do?” As a client recently said, she is “professional, patient, supportive, thoughtful, dedicated, strategic, problem-solving, and more importantly kind and fun!”

Katherine, you really are magic, and we all consider ourselves truly privileged to work with you and consider you a friend – thank you!

For those who want to know a bit more about Katherine and her time at Lucid, here’s a little interview we conducted recently:

Where did your passion for science begin, and what brought you into med comms and eventually Lucid?

My love of science grew at university, where I also discovered that I enjoyed helping others to understand it. This has underpinned my career and is still what makes me smile. Medcomms found me along the way, and I moved to Lucid to be part of a small, hungry team.

What has kept you at Lucid for so long?

My role has evolved over the years, keeping me on my toes. I have had the privilege of working with wonderful people on pioneering programmes that have had a positive impact on people’s lives.

What is your favourite memory from your time at Lucid?

So many! All the crazy-busy onsite experiences where clients and experts just wanted to hang out with us. Slick events delivered, loads of insights and advice exchanged, and long-lasting friendships forged.

What are you excited for about the future here at Lucid?

Lucid has grown over the years, but it has also evolved. We don’t rest on our laurels. I am excited that the future, whatever it is, is up to us.

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