A New Managing Director Appointed for Lighthouse Medical Communications US

Lighthouse Medical Communications US (part of the Lucid Group) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Willmer to the position of Managing Director, leading the US operation and championing the growth of the group in the US market. Andy will lead the communications team in the delivery of exceptional medical education and disease understanding programmes, publications and communications planning, peer-to-peer medical communications and medical advocacy development.

Andy brings an abundance of pharmaceutical, healthcare marketing and brand communications experience, having previously held senior positions within Pharmacia, Biovail and Roche, and most recently on the agency side with Ogilvy CommonHealth in the USA, where he held the position of General Manager, Medical Marketing.

Lighthouse Medical Communications has experienced rapid growth since it was founded in 2014, predominately capitalising on US domestic business opportunities, with a view to expanding programmes on a global level. Lighthouse already has an impressive client roster and has been busy focusing on the needs of their clients, primarily working in womens’ health and novel biologic immuno-oncologic therapies.

Dennis O’Brien (Lucid CEO and Co-Founder) commented, “Andy is a great fit with the team – and his history and experience in US and Global Pharma communications, both agency and client side, made him the ideal choice to head the Lighthouse Communications team in the US.  Andy shares our passion to create magical programmes that transform patients’ lives by improving outcomes”

“I’m thrilled to be leading such a smart and dynamic team. The Lighthouse (Lucid) approach of building strategic medical communications which can change lives is rewarding and where I want to be.” commented Andy.

Andy can be contacted at andy@weareteamlighthouse.com
T:  +1 646 710 7736   M: +1 908 200 1145

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