Is agile working benefiting the employee or the organisation?

Angela Young, HR Director Lucid Group discusses the pros and cons of agile working in the latest “Smart Thinking” blog on

Angela discusses how ever-increasing number of employees are asking to work more flexibly, with recent data revealing that the number of UK workers who have moved to remote working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over the last ten years – a number that is expected only to rise.

Fuelling this growth are the palpable benefits for employers and employees alike. Beyond reduced office costs, research tells us that agile working improves morale, increases staff retention and importantly widens and unlocks a bigger talent pool.

In this blog Angela draws on her experience and reflects on how the development of Lucid’s more progressive agile working proposition supports these positive research findings. She also discusses how the offer of tailor-made work contracts makes Lucid’s recruitment and talent management strategy competitive and attractive to outsiders.

However, organisation-wide buy-in and commitment to agile working is critical, and implementing new agile working practices is not easy.

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