Attracting the best talent to build Lucid’s future

Q: Welcome to Lucid, Jon! Tell us what you love about recruitment

A: I love being able to play my part in shaping a company’s growth story through the hiring of key talent. I enjoy working with the key stakeholders of a business to create a recruitment strategy that enables us to find future stars of the organisation.

Q: What made you make the switch to the healthcare communications industry?

A: Having spent the vast majority of my career in financial services, it’s great to be in an industry that evolves around keeping people healthy; continuously striving to improve clinical practice and health outcomes so people can live better, and hopefully longer, lives. Now you can’t argue with that.

Q: What attracted you to Lucid Group?

A: Lucid has a great ethos, it’s a young, rapidly growing organisation that continues to be on an upward trajectory. The chance to play my part in its growth into new markets and geographies was a great pull. The business has gone through multiple acquisitions over the last 2 years, backed by private equity investment. This has meant the group’s reach and capability offering has grown exponentially. It’s such a great time to join the journey.

Q: What makes Lucid stand out from other agencies?

A: Lucid is a very people-centric organisation. It puts its people at the forefront of everything it does. This includes outstanding continual learning and development for all levels within the business, such as monthly presentations on engaging topics and how they can help those within the business both professionally and personally, and great initiatives including Summer Friday afternoons off, work events, and a kitchen stocked with drinks and snacks for all. The business really wants to make sure its people are recognised as its star asset and celebrate this daily with shoutouts and culture awards. I don’t see many other agencies with this mindset, whether in healthcare communications or outside of it.

Jon is currently focusing on Digital & Creative, Project Management, Finance, Sales, and Operations roles within Lucid Group. If you’re looking for your next challenge, contact him for a chat. or 07849624740

For all other roles, or a general chat about joining Lucid, please contact Dan Newbury or Ellen Field. Ellen was interviewed last week and it can be found here. or 07584575260 or 07935073016

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