Celebrating Ten Magical Years with Clare Reynolds

Lucid loves to recognise and celebrate the magic people create for their clients, teams and patients. This month it was time to recognise the outstanding contribution that Clare Reynolds has delivered over the last decade at Lucid Group, creating magic with every touch.

Reflecting on the past ten years Clare commented, “Ten years have flown by, it’s quite staggering to see what Lucid has become in that time. From a few people around a table creating solutions from raw ideas on a yellow whiteboard to a multi-award winning consultancy challenging industry expectations, it’s been an experience which has shaped my life.

I think I’ve had seven different roles, from programme leadership through to business leadership. I expect I’ve delivered some better than others (grin!), but I have thoroughly enjoyed them all and have never stopped learning. I love Lucid for the amazing people, the old-timers who I’ve had the privilege of working alongside for years and the newbies who bring a fresh perspective, and for the fact it never stops changing and evolving and striving to be better than it is today.

I can honestly say it’s been an exceptional opportunity; one I suspect will turn out to be the ‘love of my professional life’. I’m excited to be a part of what comes next.”

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