Creating Magical Meetings – A Lucid Thirsty Thursday Session

This month’s Thirsty Thursday was hosted by Katherine Mantell, Managing Director of Leading Edge – part of the Lucid family of companies, and Phil Tyler from Media 1 Productions. This session focussed on the importance of developing creative face-to-face meeting formats to create impactful, magical medical education.

Lucid love to innovate and lead the industry with new, improved processes and programmes that deliver value for their clients and patients alike. This includes finding new, creative ways of delivering best-in-class meetings.

Traditional meeting formats often lack emotional depth, nor have they accurately conveyed the patient voice, which is necessary to capture the hearts and minds of the audience. An effective way to create this emotional engagement is by providing a sensory experience for the audience and making the most out of the meeting space. But how?

The challenge was set, and everyone engaged in conjuring up potential ways to achieve the best results by optimising the opening and closing of meetings, as well as using stimuli such as music, sound and light throughout.

Lucid’s Thirsty Thursday sessions continue to reflect Lucid’s pioneering and human-centric spirit. By constantly up-skilling the team and providing a dynamic learning environment, we can foster innovation and create the magic needed to improve outcomes and transform lives.

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