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The inaugural class of 2018 graduate from Lucid’s Futures Academy

The first class of 2018 graduated from their intensive eight-week training course last week. Conducted both in the classroom and on-site, shadowing various roles within the Lucid Group of companies, the four graduates enjoyed a well-deserved celebration on Friday before entering into the next phase of their training.

The Futures Academy programme captures the human-centric and pioneering spirit of the Lucid Group – people working together across various sites and disciplines, providing their time, experience and expertise to help mentor and coach the graduates to successfully complete the course.

The four graduates will now move into the first of two job placements, allowing them to experience both sides of the business – medical writing and account handling.

“By empowering the graduates with the necessary knowledge and experience during their training and job placements, they will be able to make the right choices, based on where they see their talents and ambitions being realised. We will then work our magic by making sure we find a role to suit them. This way we all win.”, commented Angela Young, HR Director.

Kat Schleicher, who will be joining Leading Edge, commented, “We have learned so much over the past two months, it’s transformed my understanding of medical communications. We have studied everything from strategic brand planning to financial management to medical writing and accounts management. The passion for what Lucid do is contagious, I just can’t wait to get stuck in.”

The Futures Academy is a biannual programme, so if you want to be part of something magical, get in touch.

Contact Dan by email or give him a call.

Email: Daniel@lucid-group.co.uk

Tel: 01494 755495

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