Healthcare communications in the mobile age

In the May issue of PME, Bluedog’s Matt Royle discusses the rapid evolution of the digital landscape and asks the question, are we keeping up?

As a growing population of digital natives, we are constantly exposed to targeted marketing and commonly disregard information we perceive to be irrelevant. Is the healthcare industry keeping pace with this changing environment and do we understand the consequences if we fall behind? Matt Royle, Client Solutions Director at Bluedog, a Lucid Group company, comments “Without an understanding of audience channel preferences, and a forward-thinking approach to deliver targeted and meaningful content in our mobile age, medical communications can be ignored and the true potential for medical education to improve outcomes is missed.”

Matt highlights the opportunity to advance our strategies with the vast array of digital tools now available and how Lucid Group is on a journey towards empowering healthcare professionals and improving patients’ lives via targeted and effective multichannel communication strategies.

Read more about what Matt has to say on digital healthcare here.

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