Improving Outcomes - Patient Engagement & Activation

Last week, Lucid launched its first Thirsty Thursday session, during which everyone gets an opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge and learn about new industry trends and techniques.

Last Thursday’s session was all about patient activation: patients engaging with their health and taking an active role in their healthcare. We know from extensive research that patient engagement is key to improving patient outcomes.

But how to we access patients?

The team was treated to guest speaker Marc Singh-Jones from HealthUnlocked, a social network for health, which is focussed on delivering improved health engagement. Marc delivered a rousing talk on the impact of patient engagement on patient outcomes and discussed how this is part of the bigger picture of a rapidly changing world of health.

It is evident that behaviour is driven increasingly by the crowd, and not the individual: before we book a holiday or make a reservation at a restaurant, we check the reviews. And the same thing is happening in healthcare – we want to know what our peers think, experience and feel about their healthcare, whether it’s their experience of an individual practitioner or of a treatment.

The use of online communities is gaining momentum. They provide patients with a platform to discuss, share and trade their healthcare experiences and opinions, and when partnered with a patient organisation it also allows the patient community to get access to invaluable resources that can help improve their outcomes.

Jan Steele, Lucid COO and co-founder, co-hosted this inaugural Thirsty Thursday and commented, “It was a resounding success. Taking time out to think about how we bring new thinking about patient engagement and activation to our clients is an integral part of being able to create transformative programmes. I am excited about how we take the elements of our new product, the Patient Outcome Wheel (POW) and show, by better patient insight and activation, we are able to improve health outcomes.”

Thirsty Thursday is a great reflection of Lucid’s pioneering and human-centric spirit. Angela Young, Lucid HR Director commented, “We love to nurture talent and by constantly up-skilling and providing the teams with a dynamic learning environment we are able to support them to innovate and create the magic their clients and patients need in order to improve outcomes and transform lives.”

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