Lucid attend the Wycombe BIG SLEEPOUT in aid of Wycombe Homeless Connection

Over the weekend, a small and determined team from Lucid SPIRIT, the charity working group of Lucid Group, attended the annual BIG SLEEPOUT to raise funds in aid of Wycombe Homeless Connection (WHC). The Event took place at Adam’s Park, the Wycombe Wanderers’ football grounds in High Wycombe. The brave team (consisting of Managing Director Louise Verrall, Programme Director Madeleine Tye, Account Director Rachel Broughton and Account Executive Sophie Semmens) slept overnight in the grounds, battling the cold in their homemade cardboard Lucid SPIRIT shelter. Sleeping between the rows of seats on unforgiving concrete and with only a cardboard mattress, Lucid got a glimpse into the perils of sleeping rough.

‘I was expecting the cold, but hadn’t factored in how hard the concrete floor would be’ commented Rachel – ‘I worked out that I had five layers of clothes, a sleeping bag, two layers of cardboard, a ground sheet and a yoga mat, and yet I could still feel that hard surface every single time I moved. I also thought about how vulnerable and scared I’d be, out in the open, night after night; I’m not sure I’d ever be able to sleep properly. Humbled and very lucky is the best way to describe how I felt – I did my one night and then it was over. The thought of an entire winter (or any season really, seeing as it frequently rains during our summer), making a shelter every evening and not knowing when you might ever get to shower, warm up, eat food or sleep in a proper bed made me feel very sad, because I know that is the reality for people who are homeless; the uncertainty would be just awful’. Sophie adds, ‘Having raised over £2,800 so far (the amount keeps growing), I’m absolutely delighted with the support and donations that we’ve received from our Lucid team, family and friends. The support that has been given will no doubt change the lives of those in need in our local community’.

The numbers of people approaching WHC for support are at an all-time high, which is why Lucid have been so determined to support this amazing organisation throughout the year. Every year, WHC helps around 500 local people facing housing crises by offering them a weekday advice, support and resettlement service, as well as a winter night shelter. All of this support costs around £240,000 per year – 95% of which comes from voluntary donations. Last year, 94% of the charity’s expenditure went towards providing services, meaning contributions are put to good use.

Lucid SPIRIT’s next venture to support WHC fast approaches; they are soon to be interviewed on WycombeSound, the local radio station for Lucid’s Loudwater head office location. During the interview, the Lucid team will talk about their experiences, support for WHC and will encourage other local companies and businesses to get involved. Lucid will be live on air on this Thursday’s show, around 12pm.


You can listen to us here on WycombeSound (Thursday 29/11 @ 12:00):

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