Lucid Group kick-starts it’s 2020 Futures Academy

It’s a new year and the start of a new career for the six graduates starting on Lucid’s Futures Academy this week.

This is Lucid’s fourth intake of graduates since the launch of its graduate training programme in October 2017. The programme has been extremely successful in enabling Lucid to tap into a new talent pool of highly motivated and educated individuals who bring fresh thinking to their teams.

The Futures Academy begins with an eight-week intensive training course, designed for scientifically curious graduates entering the industry for the first time. While the initial eight weeks are classroom-based, graduates then move into two different placements for the rest of the year – writing and account handling; helping them to decide where their skills and interests lie.

Angela Young, HR Director, commented, “We love this time of year – the graduates bring great energy into the organisation with their ingenuity and bold ideas. It’s an exciting time for everyone. We only recruit the exceptional, so that we deliver the outstanding, and the Futures Academy is no different”.

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