Lucid Group Launch a Pioneering Leadership Programme for its Business Leaders

Great companies start with great leaders. However effective leadership requires skill, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, on-going self-improvement.

With this in mind, Lucid Group has launched a new leadership programme for approximately 40 of its business leaders, reflecting the pioneering and human-centricity inherent in its culture.

The leadership programme is a two-day course, held at Twickenham Stadium. The course was developed and delivered by Keith Bleasdale, founder of One point One, and author of the recently published book, Leading with Impact. During the two days, attendees are exposed to a number of leadership theories and models of behaviour. All participants are profiled using the SDI (strength deployment inventory) and encouraged to explore how they can use these personal insights to make them more effective leaders; practical exercises are also involved to aid and reinforce self-reflection and improvement.

Keith commented, “Enthusiasm is unquestionably at the heart of Lucid’s DNA, and the level of engagement from every single leader across the whole business has been exceptional. Spending two days exploring successful leadership practices in today’s dynamic and demanding world has raised even higher the leadership team’s commitment to bring out the best in every Lucid colleague. A vibrant leadership team, in a vibrant company!”

Debbie Emery, Head of Learning and Development at Lucid Group commented, “We are passionate about nurturing the talent and ambitions of those we work with. By helping our leaders to fulfil their potential we are also effectively helping them to bring out the best in their teams. Great leadership doesn’t always have to be about making bold steps. Often, small acts made well can have a disproportionally large positive effect, so we wanted a course that could tap into everything and equip our leaders with tools they can use straight away.”

It’s clear that Lucid’s pioneering and human-centric culture is as the heart of everything they do. If you’re a talented medcomms professional and want to be part of something magical then Lucid Group is actively recruiting for a number of new positions. Get in touch here. Or visit Lucid on LinkedIn.

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