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Welcome to DiD

We continue to invest in new capabilities to help us transform more lives. Welcome to DiD, a leading US-based brand consultancy which has strengthened our US expertise and presence, and our ability to develop the most compelling creative and digital solutions as a truly global partner to our clients.

A Lucid Group social

24 Feb, 2022

The newly formed Lucid Social Committee is launching its first event for the year: Today, on Thursday 24 February Lucid will be hosting its inaugural board games night in both the Macclesfield and London offices! Drinks, snacks, and of course the games themselves will all be provided, and everyone ....

Lucid Group make the T40 cut

2 Feb, 2022

We are proud to have made the cut in PMLiVE’s T40 – 2021 Edition. T40 is a listing of the top 40 creative agencies working on advertising, branding, creative and design projects in the UK healthcare sector. All results and the details behind our ranking and others can be found here. ....

Lucid Group Welcomes a New Cohort of Graduates into its Futures Academy

24 Jan, 2022

We are excited to welcome this year’s cohort of graduates into our Lucid Futures Academy, which is now into its sixth year after being launched in Oct 2017. The Futures Academy allows Lucid to tap into a new talent pool of highly motivated and educated individuals who bring fresh thinking ....

My Journey into MedComms #LucidLife

18 Jan, 2022

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact start of my journey into MedComms, but it was probably while I was studying for my undergraduate degree and quickly realised that lab work wasn’t for me. I was lucky that my university offered the option of completing a science media project as an alternative to....

Lucid Diversity and Inclusion: We let your whole self shine!

17 Jan, 2022

People are at the heart of who we are. Our aim is to transform the lives of those we touch without prejudice or discrimination. At Lucid, the magic we create relies on harnessing the unique, diverse and individual talents of those we work with.To do this we must empower each person to bring their w....

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