What makes a perfect pitch? This week’s Thirsty Thursday – hosted by Louise Verrall, a managing director at Lucid Partners – was all about just that.

Louise started her session with an involved discussion with all attending about what they thought makes a perfect pitch, generating a wealth of ideas, including:

Memorable, Compelling, Convincing, Novelty, Tailored, Achievable, Tangible, Wow-factor, Team dynamic

The key takeaway was that we need to create magic, but we also need to implement it. We need to present our clients with tangible, compelling tactics that they will want to buy.

When our clients approach us with an RFP, we must think about their core needs. They want us to provide insights and to find solutions to their challenges – and that’s what we provide them with, along with a touch of Lucid magic.

But how do we do this?

We endeavour to think deeply about our clients as people, creating partnerships that give our clients an amazing experience. We are experts in what we do, and we know when to partner with the right external capability to produce the best programmes for our clients. Our programmes are outcomes led with in-built metrics; they are pioneering and go beyond the RFP.

Louise ended her Thirsty Thursday session with some thoughts on story-telling. Weaving our strategies and tactics of our pitches into stories gives them meaning. We take our clients on a journey that catches their attention, and once we have them hooked on the story we give them the detail. And of course, the story must have a moral. For everyone at Lucid, the moral at the heart of everything we do is improving patient outcomes.

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