Placing people at Lucid’s heart: Paul Cutler, Lucid Group's new Chief People Officer

We interviewed Paul Cutler, Lucid Group’s new Chief People Officer, to find out a bit more about what makes him tick, why he chose to join Lucid, and what his focus will be for the organisation and its people as we head into 2022.

Paul, welcome to Lucid Group! Tell us a bit about your experience and background.

Thank you!  I am thrilled to be here at Lucid as we head into what is already a transformative year for the Group.

I feel extremely grateful for what has been an extremely wide-ranging and exciting career so far, that has spanned both commercial and human resources roles over 20+ years across large and small start-ups, not-for-profits and private sector companies.  I was drawn into HR early in my career by a passion for understanding the richness of diverse human behaviour, the common experiences and beliefs that unite us and make us tick, and the incredible range of skills and talents that when harnessed can lead to tremendous good in the world.  The best organisations I have worked for are those that have successfully aligned their people’s drive and ability to their company’s purpose and impact.

Why Lucid? What was it that attracted you to join us?

Having previously worked in the third sector, I have never lost my passion to work for a cause and mission that I truly believe in; one which contributes to leaving the world in a better place.  And as an HR leader, I want to be part of an organisation where people are at the heart of its success, and where that is more than just an easy slogan that gathers dust in corporate brochureware.

In Lucid I have found a group of people that are profoundly committed to improving patient outcomes and transforming lives.​  Through my own experiences in my personal life, this is a mission that I have come to care about deeply and will give my all to realise.  It is also a business where what we sell, in a very tangible sense, is the distilled value of the incredibly bright and dedicated people that work for us.  This makes ours a company where our biggest differentiator will be our ability to attract the best talent, nurture the growth of new skills that amplify the contribution of our people, and scale our impact through exciting and varied careers within a culture of high stretch with high support.

What highlights have you had so far?

I am lucky to have joined before Omicron took hold, and so was able to spend time across all of our UK offices getting to know people face-to-face as well as virtually.  There really is no substitute for the quality of listening and insight that this brings.

This has allowed me to make some early changes, such as Lucid’s new family leave policies which offer transformational improvements to support our people at critical moments in their personal lives.  We now provide generously enhanced family leave packages for all our members of staff who are about to welcome a new addition to their family. I’m also proud to have built our 2022 People Strategy from the ground up following broad outreach across the organisation.  I’m confident that the programmes we will lead, with the help of passionate volunteers, will drive meaningful and lasting change.

So, what’s next for 2022?

We have an ambitious agenda for the year ahead, from defining and building a compelling learning agenda, to attracting and onboarding diverse talent, enhancing our culture and core values to make Lucid a great place to forge your career, and putting in place some brilliant basics that will make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Do you have any final words of wisdom for anyone looking to Join Lucid Group in 2022?

It has been so fulfilling to discover that Lucid is a purpose-driven organisation filled with tremendously talented and committed people on a compelling mission to transform the lives of those they touch, be that patients, clinicians, clients, the communities we work in, or our own colleagues.  There are many opportunities and challenges ahead that require hard work and dedication, but I have found that the sense of camaraderie and friendship in Lucid brings out the very best in yourself and each other.  We have a range of open roles, so take a look and see what speaks to you the most.  We will always find space for talented and passionate people at Lucid.

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