Promoting emotional health and wellbeing #LucidLife

For high achievers, maintaining a healthy equilibrium between mind, body and soul can be difficult. This is why Lucid have launched a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme aimed at equipping their staff with the right tools to help them find and maintain the perfect work-life balance and to gain emotional strength.

As part of this programme, Lucid invited Jo Cowlin to run a session about the importance of having ‘Conversations that Matter’. Jo is a coach, mentor and facilitator, supporting ambitious leaders to cut through chaos, create clarity, take action and get results. Her workshop focused on accelerating performance during times of high client demand, while maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing. Jo says, “It’s important to invest in yourself in order to best serve your clients. Boundaries are more than saying no, they are the most important act of self-care.”

Jo highlighted the importance of having the courage to have conservations that count to create balance, not burnout, without compromising results. This will result in a sense of empowerment, space, authenticity and the energy to unleash your full potential at work.

As an industry-leading medical communications agency, Lucid understands the importance of attracting and keeping talented people. Lucid’s pioneering and human-centric approach is evident not only from the transformative programmes they develop but also from the policies they adopt to ensure this happens. From agile working to flexible, tailor-made work contracts, Lucid Group is leading the industry by providing its employees with an environment that supports, nurtures and allows them to thrive.

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