Solving healthcare problems: what needs to change?

In this month’s PME, Tanya Goodyear, Director of Innovation and Transformation at Lucid Group, details Lucid’s approach to solving healthcare problems and reflects on the learnings we can draw from the last 18 months, which have catapulted both the pharmaceutical industry and behavioural science into the public eye.

Whilst it’s clear that a complex problem requires a unified and multifaceted approach to find a solution, Tanya identifies the need to also make sure that we are clearly defining what the overarching healthcare objective is that we’re trying to achieve. To do this properly we must understand all the inherent nuances of the stakeholders involved, such as social and personal beliefs, and make sure the relevant people are involved at the right time, in the right way, with the right messages to resonate and connect with them, whilst operating within broad-ranging systems. Ultimately, to make an impact and transform lives, we need to be able to apply behavioural science to identify the problems that matter most and create focused interventions that consider all stakeholders and all parts of the system they interact within.

Tanya also stresses the importance of using the right data sets in diagnosing and solving healthcare problems, as well as measuring the impact and effectiveness of the intended behaviour change. Furthermore, measurement should be continuously assessed to enable refinement and improvements to occur.

“Setting clear objectives based on an understanding of the problem enables us to implement unique metrics frameworks and data sets that can demonstrate improved outcomes but also provide valuable insight into progress throughout the journey and inform adaptations as required”

Finally, Tanya explores how Lucid has been able to drive success in overall health outcomes through the alignment of focused teams that connect diverse expertise and skill sets, unique data sets, and creative problem-solving approaches to help identify and fix healthcare problems, which in turn fosters long-term strategic partnerships with their clients.

You can read the full article online here or download in full here.

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