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Findings from a recent survey by the CIPD The graduate employment gap: expectations versus reality  uncovered just how hard graduates have it today. Not only are graduates earning well below the UK average wage, around only half of them had found graduate-level jobs within six months after graduation.

Surprisingly, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates, tend to fair worse and are more likely to be unemployed after six months than the average graduate, despite successive government strategies devised to prioritise such degrees. Given this rather gloomy outlook for graduates today, it is no surprise that programmes such as the ’Futures Academy’ are so appealing for the scientifically curious graduate today.

Angela Young, HR Director commented, “Our aim is to bring magic to our clients, programmes and our Lucid teams. In order to fulfil the ambitions of our clients we must always be forward-looking and work with talented individuals. The screening and training programme for the Futures Academy is designed to identify and nurture the most talented graduates around. It’s a dream course.”

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