The true potential of mobile health tech

In a recent edition of PME, Dennis O’Brien, Lucid CEO and co-founder, discusses the potential of mobile health in improving patient outcomes – a goal that is at the heart of everything Lucid does.

More than three billion health apps have been downloaded globally, but many observers question whether the pharmaceutical industry has harnessed the true potential of this technology. Mobile health provides an opportunity to create more complete treatment packages, but creating monitoring systems that are reliable, responsive and which generate relevant results, is a complex task.

In this article, Dennis discusses some of this complexity, “We need patient engagement and activation before we even start to get to a point where we can measure patient quality of life. We can try to collect the data through the clinic or digital media all we like but if patients are not engaged with the disease and don’t understand the value of it then we will fail or end up with a particular subset of patients. Patient activation is the start point.”

To get the full story, read the full article on pages 24 – 26 here:

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