We’re Celebrating Ten Magical Years for Ify at Lucid Group

​Today we are celebrating a very important work anniversary for Ify Onyeaso. Ify joined Lucid 10 years ago, quickly becoming a core member of the then, fledgeling business. Over the last 10 years, she has shown the most amazing levels of commitment and dedication and has truly been a key part of the tremendous success and growth of Lucid Group. In her earlier Lucid days, Ify quickly established herself as an absolute Rockstar, throwing herself into the ‘fear zone’ regularly to help Lucid build its reputation as a true pioneer. She has been a key driver of Lighthouse’s growth since making the move over the pond four years ago and she continues to wow clients daily.

Lisa Druce, Managing Director, Lighthouse Medical Communications US commented, “ Ify is truly at the heart of the Lighthouse culture, her infectious laugh and sense of humour always brightens up the day. While I’ve only had the pleasure of working with Ify for just over one year, our paths crossed before she joined the Lucid Group and she has gone on to fully realise the wonderful talent that was evident back then. Congratulations Ify, looking forward to working with you for the next 10 years!”

Dennis O’Brien, Lucid Group CEO commented, “I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ify grow and develop as a person and a colleague. I remember her first pitch, I remember when she facilitated an advisory board for the first time. Always fearless, always committed, always positive. I am proud to say we have an organisation that has people like Ify in it. Thank you.”

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