Had enough media mediocrity?

Transforming strong headwinds into stronger campaign performance


The Challenge

The MS market is crowded with many sizable competitors, all fighting for the same patients. Our client suffered a series of budget cuts that left the media budget at ~65% of the initial OOP contract value ($13M vs $20M), below the spending level of some of their more aggressive competitors.

A relatively small patient population, a complex MOA, and a black box warning were further barriers to prescribing.

The Solution

The team leveraged our Lucid Connected Intelligence and analytics capabilities to find new opportunities to increase patient volume and prescribing behavior. The team executed a data-driven, regionalized omnichannel plan built around HCP affinity and lookalike models that would indicate maximum potential for Rx increases.


  • 9X Increase in qualified DTP & HCP audience volume
  • 59% Reduction in cost per qualified audience
  • Tripled campaign ROI generating a 7:1 return for the brand

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