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Welcome to DiD

We continue to invest in new capabilities to help us transform more lives. Welcome to DiD, a leading US-based brand consultancy which has strengthened our US expertise and presence, and our ability to develop the most compelling creative and digital solutions as a truly global partner to our clients.

My Journey into MedComms #LucidLife

18 Jan, 2022

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact start of my journey into MedComms, but it was probably while I was studying for my undergraduate degree and quickly realised that lab work wasn’t for me. I was lucky that my university offered the option of completing a science media project as an alternative to....

Lucid Diversity and Inclusion: We let your whole self shine!

17 Jan, 2022

People are at the heart of who we are. Our aim is to transform the lives of those we touch without prejudice or discrimination. At Lucid, the magic we create relies on harnessing the unique, diverse and individual talents of those we work with.To do this we must empower each person to bring their w....

Climbing my own Lucid Ladder

6 Dec, 2021

Transforming lives. That’s what Lucid is all about. I knew that even before I stepped through the fabled door of ‘Towers’ on a chilly January morning in 2019. It’s why I took the job. And since that fateful day, Lucid has proved to me time and again that I’m in the right place. Encouraged to be the....

A Lucid Thirsty Thursday D&I Special

3 Dec, 2021

Last week’s ‘Thirsty Thursday’ session was organised by the Lucid Group D&I Committee, whose goal is to foster a culture where diversity and inclusivity are embedded and practised within all areas of the Group. A key part of this is identifying opportunities for diversity training, ....

Connecting Capabilities in Healthcare Communications

2 Dec, 2021

The account management/medical writing paradigm was the cornerstone of healthcare communications for many years, but evolution in technology, storytelling and an increasingly sophisticated audience has changed this. Instead, today’s environment requires an integrated, multi-disciplinary appro....

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