Challenging engrained treatment behaviors: Disrupt the Decline


The Challenge

Despite clinical acceptance of the efficacy of long-acting injectables (LAIs) to provide prolonged stability for people suffering from schizophrenia, they still only make up about 13% of the market. Psychiatrists continue to prescribe daily orals, often citing patient acceptance as a major barrier. This fuels a cycle of oral nonadherence that often leads to relapse and loss. ​

We needed to remind HCPs about the devastating consequences of relapse and help them overcome challenges with patient acceptance, with the goal of motivating earlier and broader use of LAIs.​

The Solution

We launched Disrupt the Decline, a compelling unbranded video series paired with resources to enable more productive LAI conversations.

At DiD, we prioritize customer-centric marketing and strive to always include the clinician’s point of view in our approach to market research, strategic insight development, and creative execution.


  • +500% increase in exposures and digital content engagement
  • 2X increase in time on site
  • 62% of site visitors watches at least one full video

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