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Transforming a delayed market entry into a dynamic debut


The Challenge

Brand X faced significant challenges in its launch due to a crowded marketplace with over a dozen established biologic competitors for treating moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. Compounding this challenge were multiple FDA delays, leading to a market entry two years later than planned. These delays allowed competitors to pre-seed the market, posing a threat to the brand’s successful entry into the market.

The Solution

Despite facing obstacles such as market saturation and FDA delays, the team seized the opportunity to refine the strategic approach, enhance creativity, and strengthen clinical data to ensure a successful launch. Leveraging data-driven intelligence, the team targeted HCPs most likely to prescribe, demonstrated real-world efficacy, and generated buzz with remarkable patient results.

Strategic scenario planning and meticulous preparation led to a flawless launch during Q4, with over 40 materials finalized, submitted, and released within a dynamic ten-day window.


  • High volume of new patient starts positioned the brand as a powerful, new player in the category

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