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Our shared values

What does it mean to be a Lucidian? Lucid Group employees from across the globe came together for a series of conversations and workshops to answer that question. Through that process, we developed “The Core 4”, a set of shared values that we use to inform how we engage with each other and with our clients—to form strong foundations for relationships that are built to last. 

The Core 4

Compassionately Human

We think about the human impact of our actions​

Invent With Intent

We create meaningful solutions to solve real problems

Accountable Allies

We trust each other and are the go-to strategic partners for our clients

Courageously Curious

We challenge ourselves to think disruptively​

Our benefits

We understand that each person joining Lucid Group comes with a unique set of circumstances, so we’ve built our benefits with that in mind, allowing us to show up every day for the people who make Lucid what it is.

We benchmark

That way, our package remains attractive and competitive. This includes salary, private healthcare, life insurance and more.

We flex

Flexible working is a normal part of life at Lucid Group. We want people to work in a way that best suits them, their work and their clients.

We enjoy

From small get-togethers to larger company meetings, we love to celebrate everything that makes Lucid Group magic.

We care

From meditation to education, our LucidBeing programmes are there to give our people the necessary time and space to revive and thrive.

We give back

Lucid Spirit facilitates fundraising, volunteering and donating. If there’s a cause close to your heart, it’s close to ours.

We celebrate

Shoutouts are a daily occurrence, culture awards are frequent and revelling in the inspiring, compelling and life-transforming work we do here is an intrinsic part of #LucidLife.

The Lucid global gender pay gap

We’ve worked hard to ensure that everyone has fair pay, regardless of gender. This is part of our paid for performance culture. This is the first time we are sharing our gender pay gap results, but it’s something we will continue to do as we take real action to close our gender pay gap.
Please note, that this report is currently only available for Lucid Global.

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