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Hyper-competitive rivals. Volatile budgets. Unforgiving timelines. In a world where the “standard” playbook no longer guarantees success, you need an agile, relentless agency partner who can give you a competitive advantage and deliver timely solutions with surgical precision. A partner that challenges conventional thinking, brings a fresh perspective, and can help you make the most of unexpected opportunities.

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DiD capabilities

What can DiD do for you?

At DiD, bringing healthcare innovations to life is personal—we’re meeting our audiences where they are, delivering the right message to those most ready to hear it, making the most of the moment, and of client budgets. Our data-driven approach begins with real-world intelligence and advanced analytics, which inform insightful creative that has the power to move people. Explore some of our success stories below.

Let’s do launch.

Let us show you how we used data-driven intelligence and strategic scenario planning to help deliver a flawless launch for a new biologic making its dynamic debut. The launch was so successful it transitioned our client from being a peripheral player to a category leader.

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Everyone deserves better health.

Let us show you how we used our proprietary advanced analytics, hyper-targeted media, and digital efforts to help a P2-positioned brand achieve a 30% increase in NRx and a 10-point gain in market share.

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