Swiftly and purposefully establishing a meaningful connection with healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, payers, influencers, and stakeholders

Introducing the “3-30 / 3-30” principle, a powerful engagement framework that can be utilized for any Life Sciences communication initiative.

The Situation

In the highly regulated and fiercely competitive field of Life Sciences, the abundance of information often overwhelms our intended audiences. To effectively engage and persuade the appropriate listeners, it is crucial for healthcare marketers and commercial professionals to establish distinctive qualities swiftly and deliberately. Nonetheless, achieving this objective is a challenging task, as many communications attempts frequently fall short of the intended impact, resulting in mostly subpar outcomes.

The Frustration

Crafting messaging that effectively addresses both the rational and emotional aspects of our brains is a challenging task. In our industry, there is often a prevailing belief that providing more information is not only safer and better, but also more suitable. While this approach may address crucial needs, it can lead to overlooking the importance of the emotional needs of the audience, such as the “why” behind the cures and vaccines being shared with the world, as well as the significance of Health Literacy as a whole.

The Solution

The 3-30 / 3-30 Breakdown presents a structured approach to the order and duration of healthcare messaging:

  • 3 Seconds—Capture my attention.
  • 30 Seconds—Tell me more.
  • 3 Minutes—Enlighten me with the value proposition.
  • 30 Minutes—Teach me to be an advocate.

DiD can assist you and your team when it comes to crafting meaningful messages. We focus first on determining the authentic and distinctive key benefits of your brand and breaking down your value messaging into fundamental components. Then looking at communication channels, we help strengthen the effectiveness of your promotional endeavours by providing resources and tools that expand your value to healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and influencers.

Download a worksheet/working template on the approach for you and your firm here.

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