Real-world data fueled media: Finding and exploiting the subtle factors that influence clinical decision-making

As life science brands initiate sophisticated digital omnichannel marketing efforts, or build on those beginnings, a lot of the focus has been on connecting various channels in order to create a more seamless brand experience.  However, to create more meaningful brand experiences, brand strategies and communications need to align with existing HCPs behaviors more closely – working top, middle and bottom funnel effectively – and not just simply be everywhere they are.

How do you make the most of the limited time available to HCPs to engage with your brand?

Leveraging real-world data informs and enhances intelligent media distribution to create more relevancy for a brand to solve real HCP individual unmet needs. By mining timely real-world data, it enables recognizing key, often subtle links between the many factors that influence clinical decision-making.  Applying common-sense logic to construct search algorithms, it creates the ability to sift through the healthcare utilization databanks, bringing the highest-value conversion opportunities into focus.

For instance, real-world data can:

  • Rank relevant comorbidities and isolate key demographics of the patient populations treated by the target HCPs
  •  Identify the payers they work with and the referral patterns within their networks
  • Uncover specific HCP cohorts that either follow or disregard existing guidelines in their treatment paradigms

This data is the substrate for novel marketing insights. This insight edge allows us to identify the untapped opportunities that are most relevant and actionable for a brand.  For example, more impactful messaging can emerge from an analysis of HCPs’ patient volumes, case severity, and novel treatment adoption patterns. By understanding areas of unmet need, brands can tailor communications, education, and resources to deliver the revelatory messages that speak most directly to HCPs’ daily professional experiences.

Those insights are the “secret sauce” that enables us to deliver breakthrough results for our clients.

At DiD, we can deliver more effective campaigns that resonate with physicians, exceed brand goals, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. This process enables the type of parallel thinking that fuels actual, evidence-based improvements in marketing campaigns.

We then activate a precision targeting approach, activating media on a one-to-one basis. This lets us purchase, track, and optimize media engagements at the physician level for maximum effectiveness, resulting in higher engagement and more rapid behavior change. Our combination of insight-driven communications and intelligent distribution ensures our clients’ brands can break through the noise and deliver value to HCPs.

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