Listen, learn and lift off

In April’s PME, Danny Buckland has been talking to industry leaders about launch excellence in the featured article, Listen, learn and lift off.

Buckland points out that pandemic storms have changed the atmospherics of product launches, which now fire off at all angles and timings – like a box of fireworks introduced to a stray match!

In this article, Cheryl Harrison Doyle, Global Asset Strategy Director, Lucid Group, talks about the need to rethink traditional launch methods.

“It is a time to shake up the way we think about traditional methods. It might not involve transforming entire methodologies but we can look for incremental changes and the potential is incredibly exciting.

“Orphan products are a huge focal point of some of our conversations within Lucid and we’re seeing great amounts of opportunity at the moment. Product launches in this area also present commercial challenges as they involve patients that are difficult to reach spread far and wide, with very few experts who you are able to work with. Added to that is the complexity of multiple products entering the arena.

“This underscores why it is so important to get a seat at the table early on in development so that an organisation can build methodologies and measurements that stand a better chance of working at launch.”

You can read the full article here.

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